Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Awaiting new arrival

I'm counting the days waiting for a sunny interlude in the gloom of late Autumn. You see I have a deposit on my new, (well, new to me you understand), Harley Davidson, but I'm not about to collect it until I can be assured of a dry run home. I've had my 883 Sportster for three years now and although it is only an entry level machine it's been a lot of fun. Harleys are very agricultural and a bit like Marmite, you either love 'em or hate 'em. They have bundles of character though and as my days of super fast sports bikes are long since past, they just plod along, make a great sound and allow you to enjoy the countryside just rolling by.

Harleys are also like an oversized Meccano set, there's always something you can add. People are never stuck for buying you a present (hint, hint) when you've got a Harley 'cause you've never really finished adding bits of chrome and stuff (OK - bling).

I added a few bits to my Sportster, (pictured below), and when I took it to the garage to p/x it for my new one they offered me what I paid for it three years ago - I don't know any other vehicles that would achieve that!

My Sportster 883

A few facts about the new bike for the techies:-

Model - Dyna Super Glide Custom
Engine - 96 cubic inches (1584cc) fuel injected
Gearbox - 6 speed
Vance and Hines exhaust system
.....and lots of additional bling!

Dyna Super Glide Custom

Anyway here's hoping the weekend brings some better weather, the suspense is killing me!

What next? Maybe a side car for Kizzy! I think she'd look good in a flying hat and goggles.
More pics and an update after my first ride (I'm not counting the test drive - it was way too short).


Hudsondoglets said...

I think you should publish "the" charter on your blog in order to publicly affirm the conditions therein.

I look forward to the new arrival and long may the early morning tea continue.

I hope it doesn't take up any more room in 'my' garage than the current beast.

Karen said...

Yes Andy I think a public publish would be good :0) bet you cant wait for the new arrival !!

Sara Davies said...

So you have finally joined Blogsville. But, how come your 'significant other' photos don't include your dear wife!!!

The bike looks scary. After months of problems getting my little imported 50cc scooter registered, it is now the wrong time of year for me to use it. I've had one practise on it and scared myself to death going 15mph! So, no I won't be begging for a ride on your new machine.....