Monday, 17 November 2008

Cutting my Losses

My Disco - now departed

My Land Rover Discovery had been on Pistonheads web site for a while, and the recently reduced price had resulted in a call from a punter. He was due late on Saturday morning so Friday afternoon and first thing Saturday was spent dismantling the dog cages and giving it a well overdue wash, polish and vacuum. He arrived on time, amazing considering that he was coming from Southampton, and set about going over the Disco with a fine toothed comb. Half an hour later he requested the obligatory test drive and I thought, he's obviously still interested, so off we went. Fifteen minutes later I pulled into the driveway, turned off the engine, there was a short silence, then came the crunch. "Well I'm willing to make you an offer" he said. He then proceeded to recite a list of things that in his opinion needed money spending on immediately, followed closely by his best and final offer. Well it was a lot less than I'd hoped but he was the only call I'd had in response to the ad. I weighed up the plummeting prices of large 4x4s and the currently depressed second hand car market and reluctantly accepted. He paid there and then and drove it away. I must say, the next day I felt an overwhelming sense of relief.

I am now sharing my next door neighbours Jeep! He only uses it a few times a year and is very glad that it's being used and kept charged up. I am very grateful as it will give me a chance to save up for my next vehicle. I wouldn't mind buying the Jeep off him at some stage, they're great value for money.

It seemed to be all about hospitals last week with a trip to Kent and Sussex hospital on Wednesday for a heart echo scan (they found that OK and it was still ticking), then a trip up to Kings College on Thursday for an MRI head scan where they confirmed that I have got a brain after all! All joking aside though, things are a bit scary at the moment as I had a complete loss of sight a few weeks back and basically they're trying to find out why. Hopefully the results will be back soon and I can draw a line under it all.

One way or another I was glad when the weekend arrived and I could get out on the bike to blow away the cobwebs. Michael (next door neighbour) and I took a trip down to the Harley garage for a late lunch. They've got a great chuck wagon for fried egg baps and bacon butties etc. So after a healthy lunch and a mug of tea we just thought we'd pop into the showroom to paw over the latest arrivals in the used bike department, as you do. Michael took a shine to a really tasty black 1450 Soft Tail (see pics below) that'd been upgraded with additional chrome bling and a full stage one engine tune. It wasn't long before Steve, the sales manager, had talked him into taking it out for a blast. I went along for the ride on mine and twenty minutes later we pulled back into the garage. I think you could say that Michael enjoyed his first experience on a big Harley twin having previously only been on my entry level Sportster 883. Although he's not quite ready to swap his plastic missile (Aprilia RSV) for a Harley just yet, I think his Sports bike days are numbered!

Dyna 1450 Softail

Whilst we're on the subject of Harleys, I just thought I'd treat you to a picture of a real piece of exotica that Dan and I saw and admired a couple of weeks ago when he was looking for his next bike. It's a built to order Fat Boy special with too many upgrades to list! I couldn't believe it when Steve said it was now for sale. Built at a cost of over £32,000 and now up for grabs at a bargain busting £16,500!

Softail Fat Boy Custom Special

Last but not least, Dans new Dyna Street Bob(see below) has arrived at Shaws and is awaiting its new loud exhaust system and pre-delivery checks etc hopefully for Dans collection next weekend.

Dans new Dyna Street Bob

Enough rambling for now, more at the weekend when Dan's got his bike - if it doesn't snow!

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Karen said...

Hope that the hospital results come back soon its horrid waiting... and the bikes however lovely as they are, do not compare to my fatboy :0)