Saturday, 8 November 2008

My Ultimate Harley

Finally there was a very small window in the weather and I'd also had a call from the Harley garage saying they'd really like to seal the deal as they had someone interested in my Sportster that I was part exchanging. So I got geared up and set off for Shaws Harley at around 1.30pm yesterday.

All was going swimmingly until I got to within five miles or so of the garage, then I spotted one small isolated black cloud in front. Yep you guessed it, it dumped a deluge and one got soaked. It was a shame, not for me but for the immaculate bike I was about to trade in that had never before seen rain.

By the time I arrived at Shaws the sun was out again and uninterrupted blue sky prevailed, perfect for the return journey. Half an hour later, paperwork complete, I fired up the new Harley and set off for home. What a difference! More torque, more power, an extra gear, the deep burble of the big 'V' Twin through the almost unrestricted exhausts and a big grin from ear to disappointments there then!

By the time I got home the light was starting to fade so I grabbed the camera and took a few quick shots of the new acquisition on its first day home for the blog (see below). I'll post better pics once it's been cleaned to my standards.

New bike in fading light

Got up fairly sharp this morning, took Nance tea, toast, papers (laptop arriving on Tuesday) in accordance with 'Charter', oh sorry, for those not familiar with the true cost of a Harley, copy of Charter published below! Was it worth it? Well, I think so, but hey you decide.

"The Charter" (Click to enlarge)

Anyway the early get up was in order to pick up Dan for a trip down to the, yep you guessed it, the Harley garage in the car. Two reasons- 1) collect all the spares and original equipment for my bike that I couldn't carry on the bike ride home and 2) for Dan to have a look round and try to decide on his new Harley. We saw some nice bikes and Dan left with lots to mull over, but I think he has his heart set on a Dyna Street Bob in matt black (he likes the minimalist look).

Well that's two of us almost sorted, that just leaves my neighbour, Michael who is also hankering after a Harley having been an out and out sports bike rider (we soon sorted him out!). I let him out on my old Harley and he was smitten. I'm not sure what he'll end up with, but I know one thing for sure, it will be BLACK!

I've just had a couple of hours giving the new bike a cursory clean before settling down to a glass of wine watching 'Strictly' (favourite Saturday night prog).

A quick clean

Below, one for Grandma, my other most precious possession enjoying chilling out in her favourite wicker basket.

Princess in (unchewed whicker) bed!


Dan and Mac and their Dawgs said...

hope you get a chance to ride it after you've carried out all your extra chores !!

it deserves to be ridden!

I'm off to Sturgis are you coming?

OBay Shelties said...

I don't think a Harley is complete until it has a sheltie painted on it. :-)

Karen said...

VERY smart Andy, and I think Granmas idea is brilliant Kizz on a harley how cool would that be !

Paula said...

How cool is that bike and you could get Kizzy some goggles and a helmet, I'm sure she'd love riding a Harley.